MARCOMM Summit 2020

Project overview
In the post-confinement world of 2020, a group of digital daredevils were tasked with a challenge as mammoth as Mount Everest itself. The first of its kind in Mauritius, the MARCOMM Summit was the brainchild of three online titans: Digital Marketing Mauritius, Visual Communication Mauritius, and PR and Communication Mauritius.

Their brief? A visual identity that would pop off a dark background with vibrant colours, under the banner of ‘Connecting the Dots’. Enter the wizards of design at Fourlines, ready to work their magic.
Digital Marketing Mauritius
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Taking inspiration from the summit itself, the creative mountain goats at Fourlines envisioned a design rooted in the majesty and challenge of a mountain summit. A fitting metaphor for the post-pandemic journey we all had to face. And so, the summit was not just an event, but a symbol of triumph, of conquering the seemingly unconquerable.

In the spirit of ‘Connecting the Dots’, the Fourlines team crafted a minimalist logo that married the rugged beauty of two mountain summits with the simplicity of lines and dots. The result? A striking visual journey of dot-line-dot, forming the emblematic ‘M’ of MARCOMM. A testament to their genius, the logo was a literal and metaphorical fusion of the summit’s ethos.

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, the Fourlines team navigated the tricky terrain of initial proposal setbacks with the grace of seasoned mountaineers. Armed with a clear communication channel and a few daring ideas, they reached the peak of their creative Everest.

Merchandise for a summit? Fourlines had it covered, baby. From T-shirts and tote bags to pins and notebooks, every item was a canvas for their signature design. Even face masks got a touch of the Fourlines flair. And whether it was destined for the summit’s website or the swag bags of speakers and VIPs, each piece was a slice of the summit’s visual identity.

The debut of the MARCOMM Summit was met with resounding applause. The fresh and dynamic branding garnered high attendance numbers and a flurry of positive feedback. An undeniable testament to the power of bold and innovative design.

So there you have it, a tale of a summit and a design team that dared to dream big. Scaling the heights of creativity, Fourlines delivered a visual identity for the MARCOMM Summit 2020 that was as unforgettable as the view from the top of a mountain. And darling, isn’t that a sight to see?

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