Third-Party Involvement or Services

We maintain relationships and partnerships with select third-party service providers that may be utilised to complement our in-house capabilities for certain client projects. These partners are limited to vendors and contractors that meet our standards for quality and reliability.

Typical third-party services include specialised development work, photography, illustration, animation, marketing automation, licensed fonts and stock assets, printing, hosting, plugins and other production services. We evaluate each project to determine if third-party involvement is required based on scope, timing, cost and capabilities.

The decision to involve strategic partners is made solely by us to ensure seamless delivery while adhering to project budgets. You will be notified in advance when third-parties are required. We oversee and manage all partner relationships, delivering the completed work product as part of an integrated, quality-controlled process.

Third parties are held to the same standards as our internal team and are required to comply with established development practices, security protocols, brand guidelines, and confidentiality agreements. We perform quality assurance testing on all outsourced work prior to final client delivery and acceptance.

If issues arise with any third-party partner that may compromise delivery or standards, we reserve the right to replace that vendor or contractor with an equivalent alternative on the project, with reasonable notice to you regarding those changes.

To protect partnerships that are strategic to delivering quality client work, you may not contract directly with any third-party providers introduced through Fourlines Design Studio for a period of twelve (12) months post-project.

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