Paused Projects

If a project is paused due to your failure to respond in a timely manner, provide critical information, or submit necessary collateral within the agreed-upon timeframe, we will take decisive action. This includes situations where you do not respond to queries, reviews, comments, requests for information, or provide collateral such as images, videos, logos, or text within a maximum of three (3) weeks. As outlined in the Timing, Timeframe, & Milestones section, we will issue three (3) reminders to you.

In the event that you fail to respond after receiving these reminders, we will halt the project immediately. This condition also applies if you take longer than the allocated time for gathering resources and information, and we have no other alternative but to pause the project due to other commitments.

Upon halting a project, we will require a Project Restart Fee, which may amount to up to 10% of the project's total cost. We retain the sole authority to decide whether to waive this fee on a case-by-case basis.

If you decline or are unable to pay the Project Restart Fee, we reserve the right to terminate the project without further discussion and issue a final invoice for the work completed thus far. This is applicable if the work completed has not been covered by payments made for either the milestone or the 50% down payment.

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