Commencing of Project

Commencing a project with our digital creative agency involves several important steps. First, we allocate all projects to the next available time slots and ensure that they are delivered within the timeframe specified in our Project Proposal.

To secure your project, reserving your place in the project queue for the next available time slot, you are required to pay either the deposit or the first milestone payment within the invoice date, not after. It is essential to note that the payment of the deposit does not imply the immediate commencement of the project, and we will not begin working on the project until said payment has been cleared in our bank.

We value timely project delivery as much as you do. To help us stay on track, please be aware that any delay in payments could lead to a shift in the project delivery schedule. For further details regarding project timelines, milestones, and payment procedures, clients are encouraged to consult the Timing, Timeframe, & Milestones section, as well as the Payment section of our Terms & Conditions.

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