Changes to the Scope-Of-Work

Any additional changes to the project scope, or any additional modifications or additions to the scope of services that go beyond the final Project Proposal and were not agreed upon after project initiation will only be considered if both parties approve and accept them, subject to an additional predetermined fee.

However, in cases where we have been (sub)contracted by you to perform specific duties for your clients, even if these services were not originally outlined in the initial agreement or fall outside the agreed scope, we reserve the right to proceed without seeking pre-approval for additional costs. These additional costs will be transparently included in our final invoice.

Requests for modifications or the addition of new features, pages, components, or other visual and non-visual elements that deviate from the originally agreed-upon Project Proposal must undergo formal change approval. Clients requesting changes are required to provide the following written information:

  • A detailed description of the requested additions, alterations, or deletions.
  • An explanation of the rationale behind the changes and their potential impact on the overall project.
  • Proposed adjustments to the project timeline, if applicable.

Upon receiving a change request, we will promptly evaluate its feasibility and the necessary resources, responding within 2-3 business days with a proposed estimate and any recommended timeline adjustments.

The cost estimates for additional scope are determined based on project complexity, the features affected, and the hourly rates applicable to the personnel involved. We reserve the right to decline requests that do not align with the project's goals or are deemed unfeasible. In cases of excessive scope expansion, a revised contract may be necessary.

It's crucial to note that work will not commence on unapproved out-of-scope requests. Undertaking such work in the absence of authorised change orders is done at the client's sole risk.

Furthermore, any changes to previously approved elements should be recognised as re-work and may incur reasonable fees to account for additional resources, project impacts, and lost productivity.

In the context of professional services procured for the client's customers, we retain the right to seek post-implementation approvals for emergency out-of-scope requests crucial to the project's success. These requests will be meticulously documented and justified before invoicing.

Throughout the project, we commit to keeping you informed of any potential scope impacts as they arise. Our shared objective is to implement changes smoothly while maintaining the project's integrity, quality, and strategic alignment.

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