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Enhance Your Website's Performance and User Satisfaction

Our WordPress Website Audit service offers a comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance, user experience, security, and more. We provide actionable insights to enhance your site’s overall performance and user satisfaction.

Performance Analysis

We conduct a detailed analysis of your website’s performance, including server-side parameters, caching mechanisms, and AJAX analysis. Our experts inspect every element on your WordPress website to ensure it exceeds user expectations and consistently achieves your goals.

User Experience Evaluation

Our audit includes a thorough evaluation of your website’s design, functionality, and mobile responsiveness. We check for broken elements, test interactive features, and ensure that your website is responsive for both large and small screens.

Security and Health Review

The security of your website is a top priority for us. We conduct a security check, virus scan, and version check to identify any flaws, errors, or malicious hacks that may impact your website’s performance. Additionally, we review admin tasks and provide recommendations to strengthen your website’s security and accessibility.

Customised Recommendations

After the audit, we provide you with a comprehensive report and recommendations on the best approach to improve your website. Our team can also help you implement the suggested changes to optimise your company’s online presence.

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