Our Process

We aim at delivering results that will not only WOW our clients but to create the desired impact on their targeted audiences. Every project’s success relies on a well-defined process outlined below. We listen, ponder, design, produce and guarantee quality and outstanding results. That’s how we roll!

1. First, let’s talk budget

While we have creative ideas in spades, your budget will determine how far we can take them. But, regardless of your budget, we certify that your project will carry the Fourline’s stamp of quality. Provide us with your figures and we’ll work on these accordingly.


We are totally transparent in our estimates so that you know exactly where your investment is going and we will stick to your budget and your initial project. Before proceeding with any changes, we run them by you first. We will run through the conditions with you, and if you’re satisfied with the offer, we can officially seal the deal.

2. Outlining a strategic plan

We want to get a clear picture of what you want before we get our creative juices flowing. We’ll pick up your brain and retrieve as much information to get going. Our team will work with your deadlines and launch dates to draw a robust strategic plan that will set a benchmark for the way forward.

3. Time to get creative

This is where the fun begins! We brainstorm like crazy, we come up with exciting ideas, we explore lateral design solutions, and keep at it until we come up with that one perfect solution that will put your company in the limelight. Your success is ours. Our team will be downright honest and will definitely tell you if we believe your choices are setting you up for failure. Once we get your approval on the layout, we move to the next step.

4. And off we go into production

We proofread the copy, put the final touches, and once we are happy with the final result, we hand it over for production. We insist on working in close collaboration with our suppliers at all times to ensure that our Fourlines’ standards are met at all levels. Once the project is completed, we run through a final check and as we are satisfied, we proudly hand the finished product to you.