Digital Marketing

Capture your audience with a smart design.

Do you already have a concept but need a design team to make it a reality? Or do you have a development team that miss some visual expertise? At Fourlines, every project is different, with our approach tailored to your project needs. Our in-house designers can work with you to understand the user flow and interface requirements, ensuring your digital product delivers what your users need. From providing UI/UX design to complete branding services, our team take the time to understand and research requirements before working together with you to realise a design that will keep users returning.

Stepping into UI/UX design.

Whether you are currently undergoing digital transformation or simply require some interface elements, we can guide you through the digital design process. We look to help you think creatively about your business with a collaborative approach, with anything from workshops and brainstorms to simply creating concepts that break the mould. Fourlines have been delivering digital design services for over 10 years, and with this experience comes the knowledge required to bring you the design services you need.

Curious what UI/UX design can do for you?

Our process from start to finish.


Think creatively about your business and how design can present your value proposition.

Idea generation

Discover creative concepts from our team that will bring your business ideas digital.

UX design

Get a user experience design within a clickable prototype that can be validated with your audience.

UI design

Understand the user flow and what interface elements are required to create a smooth customer journey.


Apply your company’s existing branding or develop something new for your digital platforms.

Visual design

Bring your UX and UI designs to life with fully designed interfaces and digital products designed in-house.

WordPress is our “weapon of choice”, and Fourlines should be yours.

Whether you need someone with extensive experience creating custom designs, hardening WordPress, speeding up a website, or optimising the technical side of SEO, you’ll feel right at home with us. We have brought a wide variety of knowledge and expertise under one roof.

WordPress’ possibilities are virtually unlimited. An incredibly active community with volunteer members from around the globe develop new features and extend existing features at a fantastic speed. Thanks to its revolutionary ease of use and its focus on web standards, it quickly became the world’s #1 Content Management System. Currently, more than 30% of all websites worldwide run on WordPress.

Creating custom WordPress solutions is our speciality.

Fourlines is currently at the forefront where implementing custom WordPress platforms are concerned. We have specialised in creating bespoke WordPress themes. We always try to use high-quality plugins that have proven themselves plenty of times. Whenever the right plugin is unavailable or won’t scale, we’ll custom code the required functionality.

Want to know what our developers can do for you?

Love what you see?

Feel free to reach out to us with your dream project and let’s see how can we make that come true.